Medical Translations Africa and South Africa

Medical Translations Services Africa and South Africa

Medical Translations Africa and South AfricaAfrica is the second largest continent with 14% of the world’s population, 28% of the world’s health burden and just 3% of the world’s doctors and nurses. If these numbers interest you it may also interest you to know that most healthcare information on the continent is available in either French or English.

The reality is that about 80% of the African population speak neither and therefore would effectively not have access to vital information. Given the fact that the patient to healthcare ratio is so low the importance of health literacy in a native language cannot be stressed enough. Not only will pharma companies contribute to addressing health issues and minimize suffering, but they would also see a growth in their return of investment.

With between 1,500 to 2,000 languages spoken in Africa we are aware that no company can have all their material translated into all the languages. However, at MedTrans we pride ourselves that we have a vast network of medical translations around the continent who would be able to provide you with translations into the major African languages.

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