Medical Reconciliation

Medical ReconciliationOur medical reconciliation service gives you additional quality and accuracy assurance for your most sensitive translation and localization projects especially when you have high value content that you need translated across languages with as much certainty as possible that the exact meaning is conveyed.

During reconciliation the original source material is compared with the back translation to look for issues where the meaning is confusing or slightly off in meaning. Under reconciliation, edits and adjustments are made as needed to optimize the final translation. After performing a back translation, a report is generated that outlines all items that could be potential issues. This “Reconciliation Report” makes note of any/all differences or potential discrepancies where the meaning is confusing or slightly off in meaning.

While some nuances in language may be acceptable, during the medical reconciliation any discrepancies or differences of meaning are identified and corrected. When discrepancies are found, they are traced back to find out exactly how/where they occurred and what steps (if any) should be taken to rectify them. MEDTRANS Project Managers may consult with and question the original translators to make adjustments to the translation. Our Project Managers repeat this process for all discrepancies found within the Reconciliation Report until the source material and the back translation match for equivalence of meaning. The result is a reconciled translation that is optimized for accuracy and equivalence of meaning.

A final Reconciliation Report is usually submitted to the client with the optimized reconciled translation. This report explains discrepancies (such as mistranslations, cultural differences, etc.) that were discovered in the forward translation by performing the back translation and how these were addressed.