Medical Translation Ndebele & Swati

Medical Translation Services Ndebele & Swati

Medical Translations in Ndebele and SwatiAccording to a report published by Macquarie Research (2011) the South African consumer spends approximately 1,9% of total household expenditure on medical and pharmaceutical products, which is among the highest in the continent.  Given the fact that many Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies are struggling to enter the market there exists a link between making material accessible to consumers in their own language and their profit margins.

Often classified as one of the smaller languages in Southern Africa, and predominantly rural, the importance of having material translated into the said cannot be stressed more. These communities are often cut-off linguistically from the rest of the world and translating material into their language would not only make monetary sense but also contribute to better health of society at large. MedTrans has a team of well trained and professionally qualified life sciences/medical linguist who can assist you with your needs.

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