African Medical TranslationsTranslation (Forward)

Translation into the target language as per client’s request. All translators are mother tongue speakers of the target text, have at least five years’ experience and a university degree in language.


To ensure the target text is a true and linguistically correct version of the source text.

Translation (Back)

Translation by a qualified linguist, who is independent from the person who did the forward translation, is undertaken to translate the “target text” back into the original source language.


Process whereby the source text and the back translation is compared and any major transgressions are flagged and addressed by a bilingual linguist to amend the forward translation to be in line with the source text.


A process where translations are forwarded to independent and in-country reviewers. The reviewer’s comments are incorporated and a final version of the document is delivered to the client.

Blind CVs for all translators involved

We submit blind CVs of all linguists who worked on the project to proof their skills and qualifications.

Final report/Certification

A translation certificate, confirming the ability and qualification of the linguist(s) who have worked on a project, is issued stating the names of the documents translated, the source language as well as the target language(s). This can be used in final submission of documents.